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Meat at Room TemperatureLet’s say you run a restaurant or perhaps a grocery store -- something that keeps a generous supply of meats on hand.

Now let’s say you get a letter from the city: They’re going to be doing a little construction work here in the next couple of days. Nothing major. Shouldn’t take more than a couple hours.

But, uh oh: During those couple of hours, the power to your restaurant MIGHT be compromised. Which is the city’s delicate way of saying it WILL be compromised -- and probably for longer than two hours.

Now, you’re faced with a dilemma. Yes, a financial one that’s gonna happen when you can’t operate your business for a few hours. But there’s a more immediate dilemma that you’re going to have to address:

All that meat we mentioned above.

After all, no power means no cooler or freezer. And no cooler or freezer means nowhere to safely store your costly (and delicate) meat products.

What can you do? Gamble on the fact that your business WON’T be without power? Or that it won’t be without power very LONG?

Well . . . That might not be the best idea. Not when it comes to making the best decision based on your customers’ health as well as your need not to get sued by a customer who got sick off a tainted pork chop.

So, if you find yourself considering rolling the dice and hoping to hit it big, just be aware that the odds are ALWAYS in the house’s favor when you play with delicate products such as meat. And just to get an idea of how risky it is to let your meats go unrefrigerated for ANY substantial amount of time, read on:


Let’s say your power does go out. And let’s say the city stuck to its word and kept the power out for only the short-term: two hours.

Okay. Not the worst outcome . . . unless you didn’t find somewhere to safely store your meat products in the interim. After all, after two hours spent with compromised (or completely absent) refrigeration, the bacteria in meat will begin to multiply BIG TIME.

Are you looking to spread some serious health problems to anyone who patronizes your restaurant or grocery store? Then just leave that meat out for two hours. And don’t think you can just cook away the bacteria by the point. After all . . .


Yes, cooking will kill most bacteria that can become present in meat that is not properly stored. But not EVERYTHING that develops because of overly warm meat can go away just by cooking it.

Namely, the TOXINS that bacteria can create won’t go away just cause you grill something up. And these toxins become present and more and more prevalent at just about the same rate that the bacteria that create them do.

Sure, you might be able to do away with the bacteria that occur after your meat has been left out at room temperature too long, and you may be able to do so by simply throwing it in a hot oven or on a hot grill. But that same method won’t work for the toxins that ALSO occur.

Don’t play with tainted meat. If it’s been out for two hours (and that’s two hours COMBINED -- not just at once), then THROW IT OUT. Don’t try to salvage it, as doing so can simply lead to major health risks for anyone who ingests it!


If your grocery store, restaurant, or any other business that needs to keep meats chilled or frozen might ever face the prospect of NOT have proper refrigeration for a significant period of time, don’t gamble with the meat. Doing so will only result in loss of product or illness.

Instead, call up a reliable refrigeration rental expert to provide you with a quality cooler or freezer rental.

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