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About Us - DFW Freezer Rentals

Do you run a restaurant, pharmacy, or catering company -- or any company that relies on keeping perishables frozen or cooled? Does your freezing or cooling unit ever become unavailable for any reason? In those instances, do you find yourself in need of a quick and -- above all -- RELIABLE refrigeration solution to prevent loss of valuable product? If so, then you need to put DFW Freezer Rentals on your speed dial RIGHT NOW! We at DFW Freezer Rentals provide businesses in and around the Dallas Fort Worth area with quality freezer and cooler rentals to help keep your product from spoiling no matter WHAT happens to it! And just what CAN happen to your perishable products to warrant calling up DFW Freezer Rentals for a freezing or cooling unit rental? Well, a few things actually!

DFW Freezer Rentals Provides Rentals During Construction And Renovations

It would be nice if ALL businesses were built perfectly the FIRST time and would remain in perfect condition forever, wouldn’t it? It would. But so would chocolate air. Unfortunately, we don’t live in such a world. Instead, we live in a world where the air is flavorless and businesses sometimes need to undergo construction and renovation work to get them perfect. And this work can render you unable to use some of your most necessary equipment -- such as your freezer or cooler. Being without your freezer or cooler, you could be faced with the prospect of losing many THOUSANDS of dollars’ worth of valuable product . . . unless you call on DFW Freezer Rentals for a quality refrigeration unit rental, that is!

DFW Freezer Rentals For Your Outdoor Catering Event

Of course, not EVERY reason that you might need to call on DFW Freezer Rentals should be necessitated by something as large-scale as construction work. Sometimes, the catalyst might be as commonplace as a catering job -- that takes place outdoors. The Great Outdoors might make for a picturesque get-together, but they sure can be a pain in the neck for caterers who have lots of food to keep from spoiling. You know what’s NOT a pain in the neck, though? Calling up DFW Freezer Rentals for those outdoor catered affairs. We can help to keep the focus on how BEAUTIFUL nature can be and not how little refrigeration it offers by providing your outdoor catering jobs with a quality refrigeration rental!


If you run any kind of a business that relies on refrigeration for ANY product, then you need to be sure you can maintain that refrigeration through ANY obstacles. And we at DFW Freezer Rentals are just the experts to call to help you maintain refrigeration during even life’s most trying events!

  • Freezer and cooler rentals by the day, week, or month (2-day minimum)
  • We can accommodate a power supply when need be

We at DFW Freezer Rentals have the experience, the resources, and the dedication to quality work to provide you and your business with only the best mobile refrigeration rentals around. If you are a business located in or around the Dallas Fort Worth area and you need to rent a reliable freezing or cooling unit TODAY, then don’t hesitate to call up DFW Freezer Rentals ASAP!

Freezer RentalsHow Can Mr. Freez Help You

Why should you pick DFW Freezer Rentals for all of your refrigeration rental needs? Easy: quality. Quality in everything we do. We offer only high-quality freezers and coolers. We provide high-quality customer service to make your refrigeration rental the smoothest one possible. We provide quick, quality delivery services to get that rented freezer or cooler to you as quickly as we can. Your restaurant, pharmacy, or catering company (or other such company) should be the most successful one possible. And a great way to ensure that it is every bit that successful is to keep your valuable perishable products from spoiling. And to keep your perishables from spoiling, call on DFW Freezer Rentals whenever your access to reliable refrigeration becomes compromised. We at DFW Freezer Rentals can help to keep your business as successful as can be thanks to our quality mobile walk-in freezer and cooler rentals!

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Brilliant and Affordable. When you need somewhere to store your money (products) while your equipment is down, give them a call!!
- Dustin P.
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If you are looking for more information on DFW Freezer Rentals then please call 1-833-673-7339 or complete our online request form.